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Healthy Eating Sarts With a Healthy Pantry

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Does your pantry include mostly white flour, white sugar and white pasta? If you want to improve your health and age well start looking in your pantry to see what you can exchange for a more healthy choice. White flour can replaced with almond or coconut flour. White sugar can be replaced with turbinado sugar. White pasta can be swapped out for lentil pasta or whole grain pasta.

It's also important to pay attention to nutrition labels on packages. Generally if the label lists 10 ingredients or less then it's likely more healthy than food packages with more than 10 ingredents.

Just because a food label states 0 trans fats, the product can actually legally contain less than a half a gram per serving and still be labeled as 0 trans fats.

Making simple changes with basic ingredients can yield big wins with your health. What you stock your panry and refrigerator with is what determines how healthy your next meal will be.

Start with a healthy shopping list. As an example, instead of buying vegetable oil and shortening, buy extra virgin olive oil and avacado oil.

I'll help you revamp your pantry in my Thrive In Postmenopause Program. Visit my homepage at Also see my Healthy Choice Exchange pin to get my Healthy Choice Exchange List.

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